This is my small contribution to Engine Week here - you don’t get all that much detail in 1/64 or 1/43. But there’s one manufacturer who has made it their task to give enthusiasts a bit of engine detail in 1/64 - and that is F-Toys.

And today’s subject is the R30 Skyline 2000GT Turbo RS-X. This particular model was released in August 1983. It received the nick name “Iron Mask” due to its distinctive front end without a traditional radiator grille and thin headlights.

This Skyline never received the “GT-R” name - apparently as it wasn’t equipped with a 6 Cylinder engine. Instead it received a FJ20ET engine - a 2 liter, turbo charged 4 cylinder unit. And despite the lack of two pistons, it was the strongest Skyline yet with an output of 190hp.


This engine was fitted to the 2000RS and 2000RS-X models, with the “X” being the luxury version. It featured such 1980s luxury as lumbar support, power steering, power windows and - wait for it - cassette player!

The R30s are a bit unloved today - unfairly I think as they really led the coming Turbo revolution.


These F-Toys models always leave me with mixed feelings. On the one hand, they are nicely detailed. On the other hand, they are all plastic and that just leaves me a bit cold. But their party trick are the engines with the high level of detail for this scale.


And as you can see, you can’t just open the engine cover, you can remove the whole lid quite easily for an even better view.

And that’s all for today - enjoy your weekend everyone!