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Land of the Rising Sun-Day: 240Z Custom

This one almost got banished to the garage sale pile until a spark of inspiration came about. This just goes to show with a little elbow grease a Costco Maisto bargain die-cast can be made unique.

We’ll call this a trendy JDM resto-mod, over fenders are played out, long live narrow body cars! We start with a 1:18 Maisto Datsun 240Z. We ditched the stock rims and tires for something a bit more modern. In comes the 1:24 Jada Ben Sopra Nissan GTR as a rim/tire donor. Jadas oversized wheels on their 1:24 models can pass for decent 1:18 pieces. The spindles were modified on all four corners to accept the new shoes and the springs were cut down but something didn’t look right. In comes the big brake package/rear disc conversion from various salvaged models unknown (this is why I keep every thing from left over projects). Alright, now those big rims are filled in. Tires are now static but steering is still functional.

So the basic look is complete but still two more little details. First the obvious, meatball decals all around for that Japanese Zero fighter look. Next not so obvious and something I’m proud of. Scratch built front air dam built from two Jada base hold downs, like I said I keep everything if it looks remotely usable.


Given more time and materials I’d like to add fender mirrors and a half cage to the interior. Maybe even a realistic not one piece molded fake engine as well. A project for another day perhaps. Definitely happy with the results on this quick 1:18 custom. Enjoy!


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