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Yeah right, the most famous Datsun in the States if the motoring sites are to be believed (I come from the other corner of the world lol).

#46, Brock Racing Enterprises

So now Greenlight has taken a shot at it. The Tokyo Torque Series 2 (another Nissan / Datsun series veiled in a more generic name, cue the JH2) has a number of different 510s in it, including the BRE 510.


First impression is pretty good, actually. The details are on point, the paint does not have any major blemishes, and the finish seems to be quite decent.


Notice the front left tire? That is just one half of the problem.

The wheels let the car down, quite badly. This is not the first time GL QC has failed the product, and more importantly, wobbly wheels have let down an otherwise excellent car. We have got so used to GL’s pathetic QC that we usually check where the potential problem could be, before we purchase. Every single GL I purchased recently have some sort of an aching blot somewhere, and here the front left and rear right tires do the needful.


Sorry for the rant. The rest of the car is quite good, honestly. There is little to complain about. The scale appears to be correct, and the proportions are quite well balanced too.


Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend! 

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