Well, I wanted to be first with this one here, but jedimario beat me to it by a few hours. Never mind - here goes anyway. This is the second generation Prelude as made from 1982 to 1987. It was was initially available with a 1.8 L 12-valve twin carburetor engine, producing 105 PS (77 kW) . The JDM B20A engine produced 160 PS (118 kW).

The design retained nothing of the first generation, being considerably more aerodynamic and with large glass surfaces. As with the predecessor, it was amply equipped, with an air of “mini-gran turismo” rather than that of a sports car. It also offered, as an option, Honda’s new “A.L.B.” anti-lock brakes.

This was the first generation of Prelude to have pop-up headlights, which allowed for a more aerodynamic front clip, reducing drag. n Japan, the Prelude was one of the key models sold at Japanese Honda dealership sales channels, called Honda Verno, which offered performance-oriented products. All Honda Verno products, like the Vigor, initially shared the concealed headlights. However, the approach was short-lived.


The “XX” was the top of the line model - and despite the generous equipment levels, the wheels here were steel with plastic hub caps! The dark gray color was an optional extra in Japan to add a sporting touch.


We had a lady in the neighborhood who had a bright red Prelude like this when they were new - and it was quite a statement at the time. Most females seemed to be tootling around in automatic Civics or Corollas, so she definitely stood out in this car.

One more weird thing about this car: All RHD versions had a single wiper - the LHD versions had the conventional two wiper set up. Why? I wouldn’t have a clue. The model is of course one of the latest TLVs - and once again a winner. Nothing much to complain here. Though the wing mirrors are supplied as separate pieces, without an obvious spot to attach them. I really don’t know why Tomica persist with doing this.


Anyhow, enjoy what’s left of your weekend!