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Land of the Rising Sun-Day: Mazda Luce AP Custom GRII

This model has already been reviewed in detail by Fintail - so I won’t go into too much detail here. But at the time of his post, I did remember that this was one Tomica casting that my collection was sorely missing. Well, thanks to Yahoo Japan auctions, I managed to track down an affordable mint, loose version.


Once the model got here, I was very pleased with my purchase - it really does look a treat and comes from one of Tomica’s finest era. Unusually for a Tomica, there are only three known versions of this casting: This, the common green colour. Then a rare-as-hen’s teeth metallic blue one, and a Police version made by a model car shop called “iino”. 

But - I wrote that this model was mint, loose - and yet there is a box here? Well, it’s a repro box from Thailand. And while it might look ok in the photos, it won’t fool anyone up close and personal. The material is far too glossy, and the printing kind of fuzzy in many details. But it is worth noting that these repro boxes are out there and buyers need to exercise caution when buying online.

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