Kit building can be addictive, and rewarding, and painful at times.

To the car in question. Mitsubishi unleashed the Z16A GTO as the spiritual successor to the ridiculously named (legend has it that a PR team messed up the actual name, and the messed up name stuck with the car) but intriguing Starion. This was sort of a direct response to the competition mounting from fellow Japanese manufacturers with the likes of Nissan 300ZX, Mazda RX7 FD, Toyota Supra and (though not in the same category) Honda NSX (the era of the prettiest cars on planet. Period!). This was literally an electronic device shaped into a car, and had all the acronyms a car could have back in the day: ABS, TCL, AWD, 4WS, ECS, Active Aero.... Sadly the car failed to end up being as legendary as its counterparts, which I suspect is in part to the electronics themselves, and the weight they imparted on the car. If only Mitsu had the courage to strip it off with the electronics, keep the trick AWD system, and boost power to 400 bhp..

Off to the kit now. This is one of Tamiya’s ‘comparatively’ cheap kits, and as in its actual day, is in the company of Efini RX7, 300ZX, R32 GTR, Supra and NSX. It lives up to the billing of Tamiya, even though it is pretty much an entry level kit with no engine detail. The kit has some pretty good details, although it has its shortcomings which include poorly attaching wheels, front shocks that frequently slide out of the recess, and the rear windshield etc. Add my poor building skills and its a recipe for disaster.



That said, this kit could do much better in the hands of a deft builder.


I also brought in the Tomica Premium’s little companion.

The TP version had a better interior than my inferior build. Argh.

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