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Land of the Rising Sun-Day: More Pigs

It’s not the fist time I’ve shown a Tomica. Not even the second time. Nope - I’m a repeat offender and this is my third time. First there was the “Old vs New” edition:


And then there was the TLV Edition:

This one, I guess you could call it the “Before and After” edition. These four little piggies are on their way to the market on board a Tomica Shop exclusive Subaru Sambar.


I just can’t stop buying them, I must admit. And as the Japanese are quite fond of a bit of pork, here’s where the “After” domes in. Yes, I am talking about “Tonkatsu” - and Curry Tonkatsu to be sspecific.


And the good people from the CoCo Ichynabya Curry House will gladly serve you one, and Tomica have the model to match. The latest in a long line of Tomica Food Trucks.


And now, I’m feeling hungry.

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