Big things with little cars

What we have here today is a 410 Nissan Bluebird by TLV in Patrol Car livery. The 410 Bluebird entered production in late 1963, with a far more modern design than its predecessors - and that design was done by none other than Pininfarina!


You may notice a little bit of similarity with the Lancia Fulvia of that same era, as that was designed at the same time by the same people as well. But the Nissan had far less adventurous mechanics.

Initially, only a four-door sedan and five-door station wagon were in the range, but a two-door was added in September 1964. The two-door SS was launched in February 1965. The 410 and 411 were also available in a deluxe version (DP410 and DP411). A “Fancy Deluxe” version was also available in the home market. A DP411 SSS was entered in motor sport by the Datsun factory in South Africa and was used as test car for Nissan Japan. A Datsun DP411 SSS was also entered in the 1964 Monte Carlo rally, where it was driven by a South African called Ewold van Bergen.


The Tomica model is of the earlier version - which featured a combination rear lamp set consisting of round and rectangular lenses sitting just above the rear bumpers. Later “411" models (1965-1967) featured rectangular tail lights sitting up a bit higher.


The quality and detail level of the TLV model is a joy, as per normal for this brand and I am very pleased to have this one in the collection.

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