Yes, this model has been shown here before in this post from Frosty - but I didn’t have anything much new here at the moment, so let’s have another look at it.

This is one of three Nissan Super Silhouette racers that ran in the 1980s - the other two being the Bluebird and the Skyline, which also have been shown here.

Nissan campaigned S110 and S12-based Silvia’s in the Super Silhouette races. This particular car here was driven by Nissan racing hero Kazuyoshi Hoshino. Underneath the body, it’s very similar to to the other Nissan Super Silhouettes and is powered by the same 570ps L20ZB four cylinder. According to Nissan’s spec sheets, the Silvia was actually about 50kg heavier than the Bluebird, but it does appear that the fastback shape of the Siliva might be a bit more aerodynamic than the Bluebird sedan.


The influence of these cars on a particular subsection of Japanese custom cars has been discussed here at length, so there’s no need to go into that again. These fire spitting turbo monsters were phased out in the mid 1980s and Nissan went with Group C racing instead. Fortunately though, Nissan keeps a few examples of these machines in their collection and routinely brings them out on the track for special events like the Nismo Festival at Fuji Speedway.

Here however is a video from 1983 - the last race of the season at Tsukuba. I don’t understand much more than “twin turbo” and “Monster machine” - but it doesn’t matter. The cars speak for themselves.

The model is naturally a TLV - that came with a slightly earth shattering price tag. I really thought a few times about pulling the trigger, but I’d missed on the Hasemi Skyline for that reason, and am still kicking myself for that one. So - I ordered - and didn’t regret it. It’s just a marvel for a 1/64 scale model.