So, while Mattel is busy catching up on the GT-Rs, Tomica has been busy making models of just about every version of Skyline ever made. And here’s the latest in the long line of the releases - the C10 2000GT.

The C10 Skyline was the first one to be launched as a Nissan product after the Prince take-over, and the 2000GT received the L20 inline six from Nissan instead of the previous Prince units. Power output was 105hp - on par with a BMW 2000 - another four-door sports sedan of the time from half a world away.

The design is said to have been inspired by the Fiat 2300 - though apart from the front lights, I can’t see all that many similarities. But it certainly looked like a product of the late 60s - not a bad thing if you ask me.


Nissan also produced a Wagon and Hardtop version of the C10 Skyline - though the wagon wasn’t quite as funky as the kenmeri version. The “hero version” was the “PGC10" - which was the first GT-R. The two-door “KPGC10" actually came a bit later. And you may ask why Tomica haven’t given us a PGC10 in this release. The answer is perhaps because they already released a model of it back in 2011 in their “Limited” (as opposed to “Limited Vintage”) line. However, that one was a massive disappointment. Have a look at it and judge for yourself:


That casting had only a very short run, and hasn’t been seen since. Which is a good thing. So I’m hoping we’ll get a better PGC10 one of these days.

Anyway, this TLV is as it should be and a delight to behold and I’m glad Tomica chose to model the regular Skylines as well and not just the top line cars.