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Land of The Rising Sun-Day: Prince Gloria Super 6

How often does buying a cheap model send you down the road for a long out of production box set from TLV? I had scrolled past this set on Japan Booster hundreds of times with out really looking into it. With the recent M2 Hakosuka release in what must have been a nod to the past I had to have it. It turns out this is an authentic livery from a race car in 1964.  TLV has done 5 colors of this car in its race form.  The Toy Club model appears to be a bit harder to find and quite expensive for a 1/64.  They have also done a couple of 2 pack box sets that are more budget friendly at around $20 per casting.  All in I’m very happy with this set.  It is easily in my ever changing TLV top 10.  


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