Big things with little cars

After a while. Hectic time organizing a big event at the workplace, and eventually it came to an end without a major issue, therefore still alive to post this.

Everyday heroes (in Japan of course)

Needless to talk about how brilliant Tomica mainlines are when it comes to replicating stuff the way they are (except the wheels of course). The same applies to their buses (trucks too, but not too sure on the semi trucks, they look comical to my eyes). These three can be cited as examples.


The first to come was the Hino Selega, an intercity bus built by Hino primarily for Japanese market.

This shot comes from an older shoot

Next came the new generation Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Star, in a cute “Rilakkuma” livery.

I wish it had a normal livery though

The latest in my very tiny collection is the older Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Star.

I like this one.
Old meets new

Little to dislike in all of these. They would have been impeccable if they had wheels true to the reality.

I would love to see the bus (and truck) collections of fellow LaLDers!

Thanks for stopping by! Have an awesome week ahead!

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