Another great creation from the golden era of JDM.

There’s no doubt that in the early 90's, Japan is on a roll when it comes to creating fantastic performance cars either its two doors or four doors.

Based on the CE9A generation Lancer, the EVO III receives the 2.0L 4G63T turbo four cylinder like the generations that came before and after it producing 270hp sending power through all four wheels with suspension designed and tuned for the rough terrain of world rallying.


The EVO III sadly, like the GTO that I featured a few weeks ago, is somewhat left unappreciated with future generation EVOs having a bigger fanbase despite being one of the original that created the reputation of the rally sedan with flinging dirt on the rally stage with Subaru’s WRX STI, Toyota Celica GT-Four, the Ford Sierra Cosworth. It should get just as much respect and maybe a little more. It was still consider light with the EVO get bigger, heavier, and more complicated after each generation. It was simple with bare features so its easy for any owner to live the rally dream.

This Tomica Premium example is nicely done as usual with sharp details. My favorite part being the O.Z alloy wheels with the lettering included. Tomica also produced a version in yellow and it looks fantastic. 


Teaser on next week’s feature.


That’s all for now. Sayonara.