*Disclaimer: This was a car that I got summer of 2016 but never reviewed it. Oops* 

Toyota was competing in the WRC with the Celica since 1989, the most radical is the ST205 with the homologation special being the most powerful production Celica ever producing around 250hp to all four wheels through an with many rally equipment built in. The engine have exhaust bypass built-in for an anti-lag system like the rally version and water injection for the intercooler. An aerodynamic pack is available where two blocks that can be installed on the rear hatch to raise the massive spoiler. 

The limited edition Celica GT-Four street version was impressive. In WRC it was even more impressive, courtesy of the infamous cheaty turbo. In 1995, the FIA want the event to be safer via making the cars slower by mandating turbo restrictor plate to limit power output. Toyota Team Europe the team that prep and enter the Celica in WRC came up with an ingenious design where the restrictor plate have an altered position when installed on the engine. The restrictor plate pushes on springs made of washers which create a 5mm gap between the plate and turbo allowing extra air to the turbo producing as much as 350hp where the competitors only have at maximum of 300hp. Once the restrictor plate was removed for post race inspection by race officials, the washer move to a different position and the turbo is back into rule compliant specification. In the end, Toyota was caught and got banned from entering next year’s event and the driver points stripped. Despite it not being a successful in terms of winning, credit is due for the ingenuity. Even Max Mosley the head of FIA at the time was impressed and stated: “It’s the most ingenious thing I have seen in 30 years of motorsport.” 


There you have it, three rally stars from the land of the rising sun together at last. Anyone out there that still haven’t acquired at least one of these three, I like to hear a good explanation why. Because you’re missing out.


For me, all three have their charms. The Subie IMO have the best looking face while the Evo III have the best looking rear and the sleek coupe of the Celica takes the profile

Which one is your favorite?

That’s all for now. Until next time. Sayonara.