A double serving for the holidays.

The Japanese sportscar that is equally as well known as the Skyline GTR both for its performance and tuning potential.

When the Japanese automakers set out to compete with what the Europeans offers in the 90's, they don’t mess round. The Mk IV Supra served as another “big performance with better practicality for less” weapon in Japan’s “Bubble Era” fleet. Its a driver’s car like a E36 M3 with precise handling and an interior that is designed to be driver focused that can outperform a Ferrari which is more than double its price.

Sure, its considered a heavyweight compare to Honda’s answer the NSX but a Skyline GTR can’t be classified as a feather either. What the Mk IV Supra is really notorious for, is its treasure of a heart.


The 2JZ, an over-engineered 3.0 liter straight six that is an example of reliability and a diamond for tuners. Its Toyota’s answers to Nissan’s RB26DETT engine which both advertised at 276hp. The 2JZ with twin turbo in the top trim Supra easily makes an already impressive 326hp to combat the European sportscars and that wasn’t the end. In the hands of tuners, the cast iron engine and the 6-speed manual designed by Getrag can handle 600-700hp on stock parts including its oil and water pumps and the clutch, the block can withstand horsepower in the 4-figures with upgraded internals. Because of this reputation, it has become the go to engine to and tune and swap into virtually anything from jeeps to even a Rolls Royce Phantom.

Sadly, the twin turbo version of the Mk IV was never sold in North America. But next year, some lucky few will be able to legally import one under the 25 years import law.


This is another well done cast from the Tomica Premium line with crisp lines and the best wheels replication I’ve seen so far. It also comes with opening doors (which I’ll give the door gap a pass this time) that reveals the two-tone black and grey seats.

That’s all for now, have a wonderful holidays everyone. Sayonara.