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Land of the Rising Sun-Day: Subaru Sambar Ramen Truck

I don’t know what it is about these little noodle trucks, but I just can’t say “No” to them. Even this one, which doesn’t fit into my collection in terms of scale. It is a 1/36 scale model by Diapet, and I would have found it easy to pass on if it was anything else but a noodle truck.


But look, it comes with its own advertising flag and bench. And it was just such a noodle truck (a Suzuki Carry) that led to my Tomica obsession nearly 20 years ago - this one:

As you can see, they are quite similar, though the larger Diapet obviously has more features. The Sambar here is the last generation with the old RR layout, as made until 2012. By then, the 660cc had been supercharged to achieve an output of 57hp.


These days, the Sambar uses a Toyota platform with conventional FR set up - which is a bit sad. But Ramen and other food trucks are still a familiar sight around Japan.


And while this idea has been popular in many parts of the world for a long time. it’s taken a while to catch on here in Australia. But over the last few years, we started to get a variety of food trucks, including my current favorite, the not at all Japanese “Volkswurst” Van.


And now I’m feeling hungry again for some reason and better get myself some dinner!

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