Hello and welcome to another Edition of the Rising Sun-Day. Today we have a look at Tomica’s latest Gift Set - the “Honda Collection”.

And as you can see, this set is a bit different from most of the others. There are only three vehicles in there instead of the usual four. But one of them is a “Long” truck to make up the difference.

The truck is a Hino Selega in the Team Mugen colors. A whole bunch of these Racing Team trucks had been previously available as Toys R Us Exclusives in Japan. This time, those of us outside of Japan will get a shot at one too.


No doubt, the Honda NSX Suzuka Safety Car is the Star of this set,and the main reason most people will get it. As you’d expect from Tomica, it is modelled after the real thing.

And it’s a great looking piece, no doubt about that.


Next up is another great recent casting from Tomica - the Honda S660:

If I have one complaint here, it is that the red color makes it look like the tail lights are, well, missing!


A minor complain, and I have three other versions of this casting to enjoy anyway. Yeah, I really like it.

And here is the Bonus Feature. Question: What is the best selling motorised vehicle of all time? Answer: The Honda Cub - with over 60 Million sold!


It has been in production since 1958, and pretty much provided the first set of wheels for untold millions of people around Asia.


This is not a nostalgic release, but rather the new 2018 model! 60 years old, and still going strong.

And that’s all from me today, enjoy your Sunday!