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Land of the rising Sun-day: Tomica Honda TN III 360

First, I must thank Fintail our purveyor of vintage Tomica pictures and reviews, for introducing some of us to the incredible world of old Tomicas. This led me to grabbing them as soon as I come across them. One good find is this kei van 


The two-piece wheels mean that indeed, this casting is from the early years of Tomica. The condition is good considering its age, as I picked this up from the Japanese Surplus shop, in a pile of loose (and badly abused) diecasts.

As with old Tomicas, the small details are great. Door handles, trim and indicator lights are present. The spare tire (shown below) even have treads.


The base and the cab are metal, while the bed is plastic. Note the “Honda” script on the right.


The base includes the usual Tomica markings, some suspension detail, and part of the exhaust system.

Have a great weekend!

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