I’ll admit. Sometimes I make diecast purchases on a whim and I don’t really fall in love with the car until I do a little bit or research. This is one of those times. This pedestrian looking Nissan Wagon looks pretty ho-hum. The design lines are standard and look very similar to other wagons available on the Asian market around the early 2000's. After a bit of Wiki Reading, this particular model appears to be a Y11 series with the uncommon four wheel drive system. A vehicle that would be MORE than welcome here in the unforgiving, muddy roads of Vermont (Though it certainly would not challenge our state bird the Subaru).

Tomica did an excellent job recreating this fine automobile. The paint job is stellar. Details are excellent. Everything has a fit and finish that is done with care. Opening rear hatch is a nice touch, to show you the terrific cargo handling of this wagon (a relative to Nissans AD vehicles of years past). Overall, I am happy to have this in my collection.


Bonus content:

While looking at the different variations of the AD and Wingroad... I noticed this crazy 2 door beast on wiki. I doubt anyone will ever make a diecast version... but, it’s just beautiful.


Nissan NV. Photo Credit Wikipedia.