It has been ages since my last post, and things have changed dramatically in my life. Will keep fellow LaLDers updated on that. Hence this post will not be rich with snaps either. Hope everyone is doing great! But first, the new Tomica Hiace.

One of the bombshells for the year, the Tomica Hiace is a fabulous addition to the Tomica lineup and was highly anticipated in this part of the world (where the Hiace has achieved cult following). The legendary people / cargo hauler is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year too. This is not the first affordable 1/64 iteration of the TRH200 family though, as Tiny has already launched a very successful version of their own. It belongs in a class slightly beyond the Tomica though, and hence has a higher (almost twice) pricetag.

The Tomica offering is as usual; simple and faithful to the stock car, brilliant detail and tampo work (although the Hiace logo at the back could have done wonders), crappy wheels and wait, no opening parts too. Makes good sense, although the Tiny would easily outdo in terms of detail and execution (Tomica wins on not having any opening parts though!).

Along with the Hiace came another very interesting (and a very interestingly named) Toyota van, uh, the Vellfire.


A popular MPV/van in Japan, Vellfire is making inroads to the foreign markets slowly but surely, along with the Alphard. Both are occasionally spotted on Sri Lankan roads, but they are nowhere as nearly common as the Hiace.


You may not notice it here, but the Vellfire looks almost larger than the Hiace! Surprisingly it is a notch smaller in scale too (the Hiace being a perfect 1/64, and Vellfire 1/65).


Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week ahead!