What you see here is the result of a marketing operation of the early 2000s. The “WiLL” brand was created by Toyota and five other non-automotive corporations to appeal to young buyers. The products ranged from cars to computers, furniture, electronics to vacations, from sweets to vacations.

Everything was promoted through the willshop.com website. The WiLL Cypha joined the line-up in 2002. Technically, it was standard Toyota fare from the time and basically a Vitz underneath the sheet metal.

By Tennen-Gas - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3225631

Notable features are the rear lights placed level with the rear window, giving a look of the Renault Megane II, and the distinctive headlights which have four lamps per side arranged vertically. The interior used a rounded theme, with items such as the door pulls and the central console being circular.


That black square in the middle contained Toyota’s “G-Book” - an early connectivity system to your mobile phone, PDA and sat nav. The system was subscription based - and basically made obsolete by the smart phones we have today.


The WiLL brand did mt enjoy massive success and folded in 2004, the Cypha remained in production a few months longer and was discontinued in February 2005.

The lessons learned from the WiLL brand are said to have informed the Scion program, though that is now discontinued as well, so there’s that.


The Tomica model you see here is the “First Day Edition” of the 88-3 from June 2003. The regular editions were in bright yellow.and it remained in production longer than the actual car -November 2006.


The quality of the model is typical Tomica - with a great paint job, that springy suspension and an opening hatch. These are always great fun to roll around the table.

The only place I have ever seen a WiLL Cypha for real was in New Zealand, where second hand JDM cars are the norm rather than the exception.