I had no particular reason to put these two together, other than that I had not gotten around to having a closer look at them. And they both fit into the same 1960s timeline, so I thought why not.

The ToyoAce livestock truck was first seen in 2009, without the little pigs. And it has taken Tomica a full nine years to issue a second variation - this time with three little pigs in the back.

Seeing I have the regular Tomica pig trucks as well, I couldn’t resist this one.


The Honda S800 Coupe is the 5th colour variation of this casting, and this is my favourite colour for these cars.


The level of detail is excellent, as you’d expect. An opening engine bay would be a nice touch, but this casting is from before the time that TLVs had that feature.

I love that Mini E-type design, it could only come from the 1960s.


So I’m very happy with both of them. I am hoping Tomica will do more TLVs- not just TLV-n in the future.