Big things with little cars

For today, we have a Jada Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III from the Initial D anime series about drift cars. I’ve never watched it but I think it’s still in my Netflix queue and I will soon.

As many Americans did, I learned about Evos and other incredible JDM cars through the Gran Turismo game series. The Evo quickly became one of my favorites, with a small compact four-door, a turbo-charged 4 cylinder engine, complex AWD drive system and a big wing. This introduction came right around the same time that the WRC was being shown on the Speed channel here in the states.


This cast stands as a very good representation of the 1:1 car. No body kits to get in the way of the aggressive styling Mitsi put into it’s new rally offering. The tampos are nice and legible and you can even see the grill mounted logo as tiny as it is. And too, it has what look to be 5Zigen wheels although I believe the actual car came with O.Z. racing wheels which look similar but not quite.


The paint is very good, especially for black and the interior is recreated properly in RHD with Recaros and a stick shift (no amount of patience would let me get a proper photo). The bad points are the wheels are a little too inboard for my taste. That’s actually about it.


Hope you enjoyed your Sunday!

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