Land of the Rising Sunday: Tofu Edition

Lately I’ve been too lazy busy to bring out my 1/18 diecasts. I’ve been meaning to do a double review/comparison between the Autoart 1/18 Initial D Trueno in both the carbon hood series version and the Initial D new movie version, but getting a decent mini studio set up for consistent lighting and background has been such a pain.

Lo and behold though, I think I’ve got a decent setup with just some plain black cloth, plastic sheet on the bottom and a couple of nifty Ikea USB lights on some powerbanks.


The hood and doors are pretty difficult to open due to how small the gaps are between them and the panels. This was just a quick shoot, so I do apologize for the lack of engine and interior shots.

Works pretty well for light painting, too. Still need to practice on that though. Hopefully I won’t be too lazy busy to do a proper review with photos. Have a nice Sunday!

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