Hello, LaLD. My name is Two Sheds and I like NSXs.

Some of you may know me from Oppo. I have a Honda Prelude and an Acura TSX. The latter was one of the many victims of the Takata airbag recall, and when taking it to my local Acura dealer last summer to have the airbag replaced, I discovered a 1:43 promotional NSX diecast on display, despite the dealer not getting an actual NSX. I asked the parts department if the diecast was available for sale, but they said it wasn’t. I eventually found one online, white instead of the red that the dealership had. Two of the three Hot Wheels, the red 2012 concept and the blue NA1, I owned prior, and the silver NA1 was a recent pickup. I have a couple dozen other diecasts, mostly Hot Wheels and mostly Japanese cars.