Past year or so, I’ve been hunting for sets of cars that were part of promos from Japanese coffee companies such as Georgia Coffee and UCC. Unfortunately, since I’ve been getting these cars off surplus stock, I have not been able to get my hands on complete sets and so the hunt continues.

First up is a set of Nissans. These are 7 of the 8 cars in the set that UCC Coffee released in June 2014. These are all 1/72 scale.

Next up is a set from Georgia Coffee - part of 8 Mercedes Benz cars, all in 1/72 scale.


Then these 2 Lamborghinis that I posted last week, part of a set of 12 1/72 Kyoshos, once again from UCC Coffee Co.

I realized that I also have this Hakosuka in 1/64 scale from the UCC Premium Nissan Works 5-car set released in 2015.


Finally, this (in the foreground) set that is missing 2 cars - the McLaren MP4 Series Pull Back Collection from DYDO Demattisse Coffee from 2014.