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Land of the Rising Sun-Day: Nissan Cima

The Nissan Cima (pronounced Shima) is a model that is largely unknown in this Hemisphere. The first Cima was launched in 1988 to take on the Toyota Crown Royal. It was based the lengthened Gloria / Cedric platform and equipped with the 4.5l V8 from the Nissan President.


The one you see here is the 5th Generation Cima (F50). This one was based on the President platform, and made it to the US as the Infiniti Q45. A strange factoid is that Mitsubishi sold a car with the same body - the “Proudia”. but that one was front wheel drive, whereas the Nissan was of course FR,

Another strange thing is that two different V8 engines were offered in Japan - both with identical power output.


The front head lights had a unique seven reflector design. Inside - it was all about the comfort of the driver, and it looked like a very nice place to be indeed.


The actual car stayed in production until 2010, but the Tomica model you see here stopped production in 2006.


The casting might not have been terribly popular, as it appears to have only one more showing in a series of models exclusive to AEON stores.

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