Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Individual pics will come later.

$29.25 total for all cars.

L-R, top to bottom:

Row 1: Husky Mercedes 220, Corgi Whizzwheels Citroen SM, Lesney Lomas Ambulance (pre-matchbox), Matchbox Superfast American Airlines Airport Coach, Matchbox Chrysler Atlantic, Matchbox Superfast Mercedes 450 SEL, Hot Wheels Surf Boarder, HW Ferrari Testarossa, United Airlines bus of unknown origin


Row 2: HW ‘65 Mustang Convertible (HW 25th Anniversary Edition), Playart Citroen CX 2200, Husky Citroen Safari, HW ‘65 Mustang Convertible, HW Thunderbird Stocker/Thunderburner (x2), HW Ferrari F430 Challenge, HW Ford Focus, HW Pontiac Fiero

Row 3: HW Honda Civic, HW ‘Vette Van, MC Toy Porsche 956, JL 1979 Indy Car, HW ‘55 Chevy, HW Ferrari Testarossa, HW Maserati MC12, HW Ferrari Testarossa, HW Nissan 300ZX


Row 4: HW Bywayman, HW ‘57 T-Bird, HW Sheriff Patrol, Matchbox Siva Spyder, Matchbox In-Tailer, Matchbox Mercedes-Benz A-Class, HW Mustang Cobra, Matchbox Mercury Sable Wagon, Maisto Ford Econovan

Row 5: Racing Champions Drag Car, HW Dodge Ram Truck, HW Racebait 308, Racing Champions Ford Galaxy, Ferrari 308 of unknown origin, HW ‘80s Firebird

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