Last HAWL Of the year

Today was my last flea market trip of the year. I went looking for one cast for my custom trade with Noodles, and found something awesome.

I’ve been wanting a proper 1/64 fire engine for crash scene dioramas, and I ran across a very dusty Code 3 pumper with really nice detailing. I picked it up for $5, and while heading home discovered it is a limited edition and boxed versions go for $40-80 on ebay!. Once I gave it a careful scrub, it shines up nice, with the only issue being one broken grab handle on the rear.


Here is the rest of my HAWL (less the cast I was looking for, I’m keeping that a secret). All the loose ones were from $0.25 or $.50 bins. The right row is for customs, and the left row is wheel/parts donors. One of the vendors also commisioned me to make him a Datsun Bluebird wagon gasser after looking at my instagram.

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