I need to be saving my pennies for the big summer flea markets, the main attractions, as it were, and the Fintail extravaganza. I went to the indoor/outdoor fleatacular today to see if I could make some cash. I brought a box of larger cars that I don’t have room for, and approached one of the sellers I regularly make richer. I wanted to start at $20 and let him talk me down to $15, but he took one look and gave me a 20.
Should’ve started a little higher...lol. Actually I don’t mind, this guy gives me great deals every time.
So, since I was there, I had to look around, obvs, and this is what I brought home, along with the Andrew Jackson.

I think this is a Nissan Z car. I’ve never seen one like this, so the missing wheel was no problem. The body goes all the way to the base, which is metal, so it’s an older off brand job, but I don’t know by whom. I’ve stopped even looking at anything where the base has started creeping up the sides of the car.

I remember when this Olds came out, but I don’t remember there being variations; especially under the First Editions banner. I though the one on the left was a Zamac, but I compared it to a HWs Nissan Z when I got home, and it’s silver paint, like the Z.
Lastly, is this off brand square body Chevy Fire Dept Truck for the Teacher of Shop Class. Do you have this one Shopteacher?


I’ve never seen one with the front bumper guard, and the rear bumper is a weirdly angled piece attached to the base. I have a feeling there was something in, or over, the bed when this was new. There are little openings at the front and back of the bed that seem to have been put there for a reason. Anyone know


Slim pickins granted, but saving the bucks for later will turn out to have been the correct move. Of this, I am certain.