Le Mans Le Mans Le Mans Le Mans Le Mans Le Mans!!!!! OOOOOH IT’S HAPPENING!!!

Ok. Got that out.

Things are settling down a little, the cars’ true race pace becoming apparent, strategies being formed... should be good with Porsche, Toyota, and Audi 1-2-3 at the top. Shame the GTE Porsches and Corvettes still seem to be suffering on BOP, that was never going to work without screwing somebody.

I’ll start old today, with my custom ‘62 GTO that I shared awhile back. My objective when customizing this as a kid was to make it look like it had just been through a long, hard race... Le Mans was surely on my mind because I was in love with it even then, at the height of the Group C era.

Enjoy the race, it’s a great theme day!