I have been doing a lot with my old Lego lately. It’s been a lot of fun making new stuff, cleaning up and modifying old builds, adding a bit to the collection.

There’s one container of Lego I have though, that I really haven’t touched in ... 20 years???? I went through an aviation phase from later elementary school through about middle school, but kind of drifted away from it after the local naval air base shut down. All my aviation/space related pieces have just been sitting since then.

Anyways, I decided to give those to my daughter’s. Sadly, my oldest daughter’s interest in diecasts has wained quite a bit. Her little sister plays with them quite a bit, more than the big one ever did, so there’s hope! The good thing though, is they both love Lego. The big one has even been building her own designs lately. While they are crude, given they spring from a 6-year old, they are getting better. It makes me really happy and proud to see what she builds.

I decided to build just one airplane to keep for my collection first. That’s what I did tonight, after everyone else went to bed. I’m pretty happy with the results.



I'm going to give the girls the rest of that bin tomorrow :)