Hello all!

I have made 2 major improvements to my customization abilities.

First off, I learned how to liberate Real rider wheels without having to cut the axles. It was actually in a reply to my previous post, but a massive thanks to Diecast Photography.

Your method really works and really makes it easy.


But it looks pretty great. I’ll admit that the “Porsche” logo on the rear wing is, frankly, terrible. Now only if I knew how to add decals...

Luckily, I bought decals from a guy on IG... I bought a set of general use decals, as well as decals for a livery (that’ll be coming eventually). I also asked for some Pegasus for my outlaws. And I have to say, these decals are perfect. The first car I just need to add them to was my copper 356.


I will admit that these are not White backed, so on any dark car you won’t be able to see them, which is a bit of shame, but further motivation to keep my cars bright :)

Usually you are supposed to clear coat over them, but this car was already glued together. While good from most angles, you can see the outline, as you can see below.


Albeit, I also noticed that the paint started to flake/chip, which I’ve noticed on several other cars. Which might mean I need to either start using a different primer or different clearcoat...

I also added a Porsche symbol to the ‘GT2' but you can barely see it


Finally, I had 2 questions. Ive been fighting my yellow spray paint for a nice consistent finish. But when I try to mask it off, and remove the tape I have had this happen to me multible times:

The paint I use is a 2 in 1 primer/paint, but this has happened multiple times. I usually let my cars dry for at least a week before I touch them... ESPECIALLY when I plan to mask it off. Is there anyway I can prevent this...?


One more question: while going through my Stache of 911 GT3 for the custom above, I realized that this ones metal was all messed up.

Is this an error?


There is so much wrong with this besides the intake. The front is too “squared off”, and the paint is thinner on the crease.

The wheel well also had a slight crease in it.

Is this considered an error? I’m use to errors only pertaining to missing tampos, Unspun cars, or missing/mismatched wheels.


I know it’s practically worthless because it’s not in its original packaging, but I’m just curious if this is an error.