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Let's Talk: Double Vision (1998)

"Feeling down 'n' dirty, feeling kinda mean. I've been from one to another extreme.

This time I had a good time, ain't got time to wait. I wanna stick around till I can't see straight."

Foreigner's 1978 hit song, a very fitting track for the topic of today's Let's Talk, Double Vision.


Of course, Hot Wheels first used the Double Vision name 5 years before the release of that song, but 20 years after the song's release, the casting that's the more famous Double Vision was released.

Also of note, the designer of the 1998 casting, Mark Jones, has a name very similar to Foreigner's lead guitarist, Mick Jones. Kinda makes you wonder if the song was an inspiration for the modern Double Vision, doesn't it?

Some various Double Vision releases include:


- 1999 Car-Toon Friends


- Treasure Hunts 2000


- 2003 Spectraflame II


- 2008 TEAM: Hot Wheels Racing

Feel free to discuss this casting below, and if you own any, feel free to share.

Tomorrow's topic will be the GM Lean Machine.

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