Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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OK, I compiled a list of everyones requests up to this point. I have solid deals worked out with Howard and Vdubyajohn at this point, the rest of you I’m still working on suitable trades for your holds, some of you still haven’t posted up trade offers period, I’m going to have to let some the cars in demand pass to the next guy in line if I don’t hear from you by the end of the weekend. Email me at with your username and trade lists please!


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You’ve all made some good efforts on your offers but remember I’m looking for the older stuff, I have most of the newer stuff covered (past 3 years) except the harder to come by exclusives. Also you guys with 3 or 4 cars or less, try to pick out 1 or 2 more cars to make shipping worthwhile.


The list below is what I’ve compiled, if I’ve missed you or something on your list doesn’t make sense or you’ve acquired it already let me know. Mistakes can be made when a thread gets beyond 50 replies, it’s hard to keep up. Original thread HERE.


· MBX Miata

· JH Datsun

· JH Skyline Hako

· MBX Green Morgan *Pending Spridget

· Lesney Land Rover

· Lesney Double Decker

· Ford F-100

Camshaft Chris

· 911 Cup Car

· Blue XJ220

· White 911 GT1

· Purple 911 GT1

· Ferrari 458 Silver

· Ferrari 458 Blue

· MBX Green Morgan *Pending Spridget

· Silver Chevy Race Truck

· Maserati Quattroporte

· Purple CLK *Trade to Howard

· Silver CLK *Trade to Howard


· Purple Cuda

· Black Chevy Race Truck

· Lesney Window Bus

· BMW 850 *Pending Spridget

· HoF Roadster


· Black GT2

· Red GT2

· White GT2

· Union Jack Morgan

· Purple CLK

· Silver CLK

· Blue CLK


· BMW 850

· HoF Diablo

· MBX Green Morgan

· Mini (which one???)

· D-Type

· MBX Miata

· Lesney Tractor


· Green GT2

· Renault Cup


• #16 Boss 302

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