These 3 Super THs were gifted to me at various points during my time with LaLD and to me, I couldn’t sell a gift that holds substantial value. I occasionally troll eBay super TH postings (I’d like to find the 8Crate, Nova Wagon and RS6) to see how various Supers have risen or fallen in value. I searched the 510 wagon because when Philiphilip first sent me my 510 super, they were steadily selling for 50-65 dollars. In the completed listings I saw this:

And it makes me wonder, at what point do you look at a gift and consider selling it?

This 510 super means a lot to me. All 3 of these ROAKs mean a lot to me. More than 100 bucks. If they ever got to the upper hundreds/near thousand dollar range it’d be something to consider. But I highly doubt it’ll ever get to that point.