So the wife, the kiddo, and I go to a late lunch at one of our regular restaurants. After, wife and kiddo duck into Michael’s next door while I head into Staples to grab a giant roll of bubble wrap. I then catch up with them.

Wife mentions they have some Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars. “Cool,” I think. “I’ll check it out.”

I grabbed the above. I’m not even sure I knew “Cars & Donuts” was a series, and have been wanting the Jeep for a while. They had a bunch more in some random bins. My wife is a huge Datsun Z fan (her first car was a black 280ZX), and this conversation happened:

“Grabbing an Alfa and some Subies. Do you want a Z? It’s similar to the white one in the kiddo’s room.”
“Yes, definitely grab that!”


The actual lesson here, however, is this: No matter where you are, look for diecasts. You all probably know this secret, but lately I’ve been finding very cool stuff at places like Cub Foods, Michael’s, O’Reilly Auto Parts, etc. Sure, sometimes I get lucky at Target, but the less obvious places have been really surprising me.