When it comes to monster trucks, there are few names as big or recognizable as BIGFOOT. As a kid, I repeatedly watched those blue Fords race that black and green Grave Digger Chevy until my VHS wore out. Those trucks were a huge part of my childhood, and I still have most of the early 90's Hot Wheels Bigfoot merch โ€” including the Crunch Arena that my parents lovingly traveled across the Ohio/Indiana/Illinois are for โ€” and collect new Bigfoot and Grave Digger pieces when I come across them.

And as a big fan of RC cars - electric, nitro, 2wd, 4x4 - I happened across this glorious Traxxas Bigfoot #1 and snatched it up so quick the hobby shopโ€™s counter smoked a little. This is probably the best looking RC vehicle out there โ€” seriously. From the accurate Ford F-250 body, to the KC Lights, to the classic monster truck wheels and tires, this thing is freaking spot-on badass. I had to break it out for an epic light painting shot.

Due to the busy holiday weekend I was only able to snap a few more shots of it, but more are on the way! Anybody else collect or are into RC cars?!