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Lights, Camera, Bullitt

It seems that Greenlight has issued the Mustang and Charger based on the movie Bullitt several times. I remember seeing the diorama set, one with the original 60's car and the other the updated version of the cars with the same pose. Before I forget, there was one with the weathered look (which I wish I have gotten). There is also the singles release of both cars. Funny as I resisted buying them even though this is the movie that made me like the Mustang of that year. I even remember Revell had the 1/24 metal kit but nope, did not even get that. Then Greenlight came up with the 4 car set in the Reel can.

So what made me decide to get this?

It’s due to the VW beetle. :) Love the look of the white walls but have one complain which I will state below.


And of course the Mustang too. So now I have 2 reasons err.. cars that I like in this set. Also I was thinking that if Greenlight stops issuing the Bullitt cars I may not get another chance.

Now let’s review the cars and find out if you are a true Bullitt fan.

The Mustang seems accurate on the wheels and body. Slight wobbly on some of the wheels. The color on the engine is silver but read from a source that the previous release has a blue engine so does anyone know which is the accurate color for the 68 Mustang?


So we also need the villain’s car or else it will not be complete and I came to like the Charger after owning this set. The Charger looks good. Only thing is the wheels look more like Magnum 500 instead of a steel wheel with hubcap. Slight wobbly on some of the wheels.


The Custom also looks good. It even got the hubcap look on the wheel. Now a question for Bullitt fans. Does this represent the car that Bullitt’s partner Sergeant Delgetti drove when he drop Bullitt off as I don’t see this during the chase scene? Good balance on the wheels.


The Beetle for some reason does not have any opening and base is plastic. This I believe represents the Beetle that was being pass by the Charger and Mustang during the chase scene several times. However my critic on this is the bumper and tires did not match at all as the bumper in the movie is just one piece without the 2 extension on the sides (I’m not sure if that is how you call it) and the tires are not white wall unless this happens to be one of the cars parked or used before the chase scene. However I have to say that I loved the white wall look on this beetle. (Also my one complain is most of the white walls on this set are imperfect which makes them look oval or crooked. I’m glad there were several sets available for me to choose). Good balance on the wheels.


This is not part of the set but I decided to be a completist so got the cab as well. This custom also looks good. Not wobbly at all.

It would also be nice if we have the likeness of the actors included in the car. So how do I rate this set? I gave it a 3.75 out of 5. I would have given it 4.5 if not for the slight quality control issues.

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