You’ve seen many reproduction of this beloved or shall we say terrifying car from Hot Wheels to Auto World and of course Johnny Lightning. If anyone here were too young to have seen this movie or never bothered to watch it, this is based on a 1983 American horror film directed by renowned horror and suspense director John Carpenter.

Based on Stephen King’s 1983 novel of the same name, the movie follows the life of Arnie Cunningham who buys a vintage 1958 Plymouth Fury named Christine who is possessed by a malign spirit out to even the score with anyone who does the car – or its owner – wrong.


This is the latest Johnny Lightning release which includes a diorama of Darnell’s garage which plays a crucial role in the movie.

Here we see Christine getting jealous of seeing another red car parked in Darnell’s garage so she decided this garage isn’t big enough for 2 red cars.


He doesn’t know it yet but opening that hood may be his last.