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Lights, Camera, Fast and Furious Ford Friday

Another Fast and Furious. Another black model. Get ready for speed as the new Fast and Furious 8 aka Fate of the Furious is showing up in cinemas and Mattel introduces this model used in that movie.

I haven’t watch the movie yet so I’m not sure which character drove it. As you may recall, Mattel introduced the F & F line besides the 1/64 Hot Wheels mainline, in which the cars are around 1/55. Mattel indicated this as the 1956 Ford Victoria.


Had any of you tried to look for this model? I tried to look for this months ago but was not successful in finding it in any of our Target and Walmart. I just so happened to find this at a Walmart that I don’t frequent and wondered if this is actually a high demand model.

The model size is almost comparable to Jada’s 1/64 which is what some people had complained due to the size not matching with other manufacturer’s 1/64 releases. The base is plastic and even no rubber tires. Even though I expect rubber tires for the price Mattel is charging, the plastic wheels and tire still looks good.


There are not a lot of individual parts for this model as the bumpers and lights are molded with the body with the exception of the chrome front grill. I’m not even sure if there is any interior due to the tinted plastic which makes it difficult to see.


Whether Mattel will released this under the Hot Wheels brand or even Jada remains to be seen.

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