“I feel the need…. the need for speed.”

Ok 2 things. I know there’s already a Fast and Furious 7 so I’m kind of late in the game. As for the tagline, I admit I know that wasn’t actually from this movie but I borrowed it as it describes exactly the role of this car used by one of the main character Brian as he tries to rescue Roman from the villain’s military tank. Yup a military tank as it tries to crush the Mustang driven by Roman and he must try to get away from it by jumping on the Escort before he gets flatten literary.

Most of us are already familiar with this car released by Hot Wheels in 1/64 but another die cast company had also released this under the Greenlight’s Fast and Furious series in 1/43. Greenlight has this listed as the ‘74 Ford Escort RS 2000 MKI while Hot Wheels listed it as the ‘70 Ford Escort RS 1600.

Photo borrowed from internet.


So who’s’ right? One source I found is Edmunds.com and it listed the name the same as the Hot Wheels. So why did Greenlight’s year and model number differ?

I am unable to find the exact reason and checking on other source the year 1974 is the start of the 2nd generation and has a different look. My guess then is Greenlight made a mistake on the printing on the display base.


So now the question is are there any differences on the RS 1600 and RS 2000? It seems like the RS 200o was made as an alternative to the RS 1600 due to what was indicated as temperamental issues by providing a 2.0 L Pinto (OHC) engine.

So why was this little car which started in 1967 a part of a movie about speed and chase. Most people in America may not even have seen this specific Escort at all since it wasn’t released here. This little car during that time was used in several rallys and became one of the most successful rally cars of all time. And this may be the reason why this baby became a part of the Fast and Furious cars.


So what do I think of Greenlight’s Ford Escort? I bought this last Christmas as a gift to myself and when I opened it, there was a quality control issue as one of the mud flaps was missing. I thought I may have to return this but luckily I found it on the base of the case. I just had to glue it and it’s fixed.


Besides the mudflap issue Greenlight did a good job in creating a die cast of this model. The details are great. The wheels even mimic the real car. Unlike Hot Wheels there is simulated chrome around the grill and there are lights on both front and rear. These are separate parts and not painted on. Roll bars were also included just like in the movie, comes with rubber tires, wipers and two side mirrors. Hot Wheels on the other hand did not come with roll bars and only had one side mirror. The interior is black while Hot Wheels uses chrome which is probably one piece that includes the chrome bumpers.

Also the difference between the Hot Wheels and Greenlight are the center lights which are probably fog lamps. Hot Wheels has 4 while Greenlight only has 2 which is how it appeared in the movie. The chassis is plastic and the muffler is a separate part as well. There are no openings.


Greenlight seems to have done a much better job on 1/43 compare to their 1/64 although I still have seen some with minor issues. Hopefully Greenlight is able to address those QC issues and to continue making more 1/43 as there are only a few American companies out there that make these at a decent price.