When KStateDiecast had a irresistible Black Friday sale... I wasn’t going to pass on the opportunity to slip a sweet Nascar Diecast under the tree from “Santa”. Though, I couldn’t get carried away and just chose one diecast to rule them all for that purchase. I picked out John Hunter Nemechek’s Plan B Sales Chevy Silverado because John is rad. His dad, Joe, is also rad. This truck is rad... everything about this post is sheer, unadulterated, radness.

If you haven’t seen John’s win in Canada from 2016 you should... it’s more radness in video form:

Along with being a Dave/Ryan Blaney fan. I have also been a fan of Joe for a long time and became a fan of his son when he started racing as well. John is talented and really fun to watch! He’s a heck of a driver and more wins are coming in hit future for sure. So, I immediately fell for this Silverado when I saw it was in stock on the KSD website. My DOES WANT meter maxed out. It was icing on the cake that this is also the autographed version as well. I really like the auto’ed versions of these diecasts. It adds a great personal touch to the vehicle.

As for the truck itself... the quality is decent. Plastic base, no opening features. Great proportions and accurate sponsor decals. It’s a pretty slick black truck that looks awesome in my collection. Actually, its the first truck series diecast in my collection as well! There’s a small spot where the clear coat is a little messed up, but overall I am super happy to have this one in my collection!



Looking forward to seeing John race in 2019 and I have a couple of Blaney cars to feature later this week. Thanks for looking!