Big things with little cars

Little Hauler is back!...and chrome!

For Dek34... #makeitfit

Had to pull the bed back a notch to make ‘er fit.

Now equipped with a chromed out gas tank

I am loving this 1mm Molotow Liquid Chrome paint pen. Found it at Hobby Lobby and used the everyday 40% off coupon so I wouldn’t end up paying retail marked price of $11.99. So for ~$8.00 I couldn’t go wrong. I think one of you LaLD’ers showed off something you had modded with the chrome.

Chromed out the VW emblem. Bumper came chromed.
Ha! Check out that reflection on the side mirror!! I’ve been chroming all my side mirrors...BMW M2, Porsche, etc. Maisto Elite Transport
Hot Wheels BMW M2

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