Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

LaLD is preparing to commission a second run of our LaLD logo shirts! They’ll be very similar to our first edition....but you know, not quite as special. After all, no one covets a second edition of Moby Dick,. right?

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But for you, the fiercest and most loyal of Live and Let Diecast! members - the early adopters - those on the cutting edge of t-shirt-featuring-a-logo fashion.... I’d like to reward you. It’s incredibly simple.

  1. Post a picture of you wearing your (original, first edition) LaLD t-shirt before April 16, 2018.
  2. Give us permission to post it to the Live and Let Diecast! Instagram account.

If you do this I, Jeff Simmons, the Diecaster-in-Chief of this site will send you a Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt.


Seriously. Just wear your LaLD t-shirt, snap a pic and send it to us and I will mail you a $uper TH. The model will be selected by me and may or may not be carded, but it will be a genuine Hot Wheels Super from the last 5 years.

To get your very own LaLD shirt follow this link

Note: Mods are not eligible

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