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Following hot on the heels of Kimbas bunny last month, I inherited a 2 year old Netherlands black dwarf rabbit last weekend. Bunnies are my absolute favorite animal, I go full gushy girly nonmanly noises around them. Her name is Lily, shes a poop monster and enjoys using me as her personal oval track.

She started out with my sister who got her for my 5 year old nephew. He grew out of the pet phase within a month so Lily spent a year of her life stuck in a cage being hand fed daily but not getting much playtime. The first 2 days she was pretty distrustful of people, hated being touched/pet/held. The third day I put her cage on the floor and opened the gate, she didn’t know how to get out though. Wednesday she slipped while exploring the open gate and managed to get out. Now she’s showing signs of happiness (binkying), lets me pet her and is very playful. Also quite mischievous when it comes to treats.

If you want to see more bunny, follow @lily_chungus on the gram. Shameless plug. Yes I made an IG for my rabbit. 


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