so.. uh... one bored Friday morning.. this happened..

it all started when EL_ULY announced his LALD GT-series championship, that makes me wondering what would look best with a Prius for example..

so after some quick googling and Adobe Illustrator-ing, i did this quick mock up of the livery in question (done with an inkjet printer, so excuse the rough edges :D), as shown thru these pics..


(The P1 stands for Preview-1)

The Prius MR-P1 (Emmm Arrr Dash Pee One) is not your ordinary Prius too, aside from the iconic graphics that adorn the car (design not yet final, me our designers still hard at work figuring to make the curved enlarged line towards the back of the car), it is outfitted with matte black steelies, rear seat delete, and enforced bodywork.


to further forward our racing credentials, we even asked Takumi-san to give a few racing and cornering tips..

Takumi-san even jumped behind the wheel, to help tune the car..


...with blistering results..

with satisfactory results, we hope to find a better donor car f0r the P2 program, and the eventually involvement in the GT series..


until next time! :D


so.. what do you guys think? i really want to do a swooping-ish line with the livery (see pic below), but i cant do it with bulky inkjet paper.. so, for the P2 project i think i’ll search for someone that can print stuffs on transparent transfer paper (like the ones on model kit decals), also to find a new donor car for the project.. (this example is taken without permission from the missus’ white tomica collections.. -__-)


something like this..


also been searching for RMZ Prius and Insight, so i can mod it without fear, though weirdly, i can’t find one.. well, i’ll keep searching..