Local (sort of) HAWL

One of my spies, this one in Connecticut sent me an instagram last week, alerting me to a new set of Greenlight V-Dub Club Volkswagens in the Danbury TRU. I immediately finished whatever I was doing and got myself Nutmeg State bound. There were more than I cared to add to my collection, (Very nice to find that situation...) but I did score another ‘70 Westy Camper, and the blue Split Window ‘46 Beetle. There were other splitty Bugs, but only this one had the open sunroof, or, any sunroof for that matter.

BTW, um, Greelight? If you’re still lurking around here? Might .like to talk to the folks in quality control, hmmmm?
Every single GL VW I have found recently, (and I’m happy to have found them, don’t get me wrong) but every single one has bumpers that are pointing in the wrong direction. Either down to the ground, or up in the air, instead of straight forward or back. This ‘46 Beetle was especially bad, but it was every single VW, even the ones I left behind.

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