Look at the hard work Jack Roure went through to get to that level of polish.

From the Red Bull feature:

The frame came straight from the factory without paint; raw aluminium. I polished it with a machine and with my hands.

- Jack Roure, Loïc Bruni’s mechanic

He had been working on the bike in secret, using the precious-little time he had between his mechanic’s role at the World Cup races to get the bike ready in time. “I found some time between races, maybe two hours here and two hours there – It took so long,” says Roure.

And it paid off in spades. Look at the shine.

The graphics are merely the icing on the cake.


Mad props to Mr. Roure for the awesome job.

Boy, if every Hot Wheels ZAMAC got to that level of polish and equipped them with Real Riders, I wouldn’t mind them charging extra cents. And I mean that F12 (gib ZAMAC F12 and spare all-black Y5 wheels).


Photos credited to Red Bull and Lamley.