Sometimes, as they say, you really step in it. I must have stepped in something fresh and mooshy, because for once I had good timing. I hit a walmart on my way to my workout tonight, instead of on the way back like I usually do. They had just put out a fresh (and mooshy) box of Redlines and I picked up two of the Long Gone Trucks. Both are up for HWEPing, I am looking for specific real riders, but if I can’t get them I’ll consider other trades. I’ll list them below.

I’m looking for the fat white walled real riders found on the Muppets/Animal ‘34 Ford Sedan Delivery, the Ironman ‘34 Dodge Delivery, the Boulevard ‘55 Vette, the Masters of the Universe ‘34 Ford Sedan Delivery, or any other casting with those particular RRs> I’m not up on what different rime are called, or I’d just say so.
I had acquired the Masters of the Universe ‘34 Ford Sedan Delivery, but when I opened it, I found that the wheels against the card had been damaged, scraped of some of the white on the wall. Is there a way to fix this without looking like I painted it with a White-Out brush?